Bright future with the power
of chemical compounds

We seek for new chemical compounds and deliver to the world.
Chemiteras is a fine chemical company contributing to the health and longevity.


R&D of seed compounds
We develop seed compounds for therapeutic drugs with researchers and institution from within and outside of Japan.
Machinery development
We develop machinery applying technologies used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and provide related technologies.
Utilization of intellectual properties
We acquire intellectual properties even from third parities and utilize patents and technologies.

Company's Profile

Company name Chemiteras,Inc.
Head Office 3-chome-24-5 Shinnyokohama,Kohoku Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 222-0033, Japan
company representative Tokinori Terada
Makio Koga
foundation 2017.9.13
Business R&D of chemical compounds.
Machinery development.
Utilization of intellectual properties.
Planning, manufacturing, sales of health food.
E-mail address
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News Release

Sep.2022 Chemiteras has been appointed as a brand influencer for Karada Laboratory's BI-HARI, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cross Marketing Group, Inc.(listed on the TSE Prime Market).
■Chemiteras becomes a brand influencer for Karada Laboratory's BI-HARI
Jun.2022 Chemiteras has signed an agreement for exclusive sales right in Japan with Safely2Prosperity LLC (Headquarters: Massachusetts, USA, Representative Director: John Norris), a leading company that provides cloud-based software as a corporate and organizational management system for next-generation infectious diseases.

■ Chemiteras Inc. and Safely2Prosperity LLC
Signed an Agreement for Exclusive Sales Right in Japan(Japanese only)

Additionally, John Norris, the founder&CEO of Safely2Prosperity, has been appointed as one of our advisors.
SIRTUP, a dietary supplement containing deazaflavine, a seed compound for drug discovery based on our patented technology, has been released by Life Science Lab Co.
■SIRTUP Product Overview(Japanese only)
Oct.2021 Release: News release published in multiple media including PRTIMES
■「Successful development and patent acquisition of a compound showing mitochondrial activity」(Japanese only)
Sep.2021 “UNIPLAT” was officially launched on September 28, 2021.
Nov.2020 The online support platform for researchers "UNIPLAT", which we are entrusted with system development, has been published in the Group of Nations, a public relations magazine of the international summits.
■Group of Nations / G20 GLOBAL BRIEFING REPORT 2020
(UNIPLAT is on pages 156 and 157)
This magazine is an official publication for international conferences such as G8, G20, APEC.
Aug.2019 Signed an advisory agreement with Dr. Torkel Falkenberg, deputy head for Karolinska Institutet Center for Social Sustainability in Sweden.
Mar.2019 Joint development: 
Patent applications of a seed compound for the brain cancer drug
Feb.2019 In-house development:
Patent application of a seed compound for the mitochondrial related drug
Aug.2018 In-house development:
Patent applications of a seed compound for the Hyperuricemia treatment drug
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